What if you move your son and you away from abusive mother Is it considered kidnapping you are terrified Should the mother be jailed where do you go for protection?

Answer A Kid can watch porn. However it is not legal if said kid is under the age of 18 or 21 in some areas. You must be legal age (in your country, state, and/or province) to view pornographic material.

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What should a mother do if she can not breastfeed?

If a mother can not breastfeed, there are a few options. If you wish to continue with breast milk, you can look into breast milk banks. If you are able to produce breast milk, but can't get baby to... Read More »

What should the mother of the bride wear?

On One Hand: Formal WeddingsFloor-length gowns are appropriate for formal weddings, whether during the day or evening. Heels and jewelry should have a more formal feel to them, as well. Do not wear... Read More »

What should i take to my new mother in laws BBQ?

Call her up tomorrow morning and find out if she needs you to pick up anything for her or see if she needs help. If she sounds hesitant yet says 'no' then show up an hour early, strap on an apron ... Read More »

Mother is drinking too much - what should I do?

Oh well. She is an adult, let her be one.