How to Show You Love Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Answer Young love can very confusing, especially first love. This article will help you feel conferable and confident around your young love.

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How to Show that You Love Your Boyfriend Who Is Shorter?

Puberty, the time when kids start growing. We girls grow much faster than boys and so the boys are stuck for a few more years but eventually catch up. But do you have a boyfriend who hasn't hit pub... Read More »

How to Show Your Boyfriend That You Love Him and Only Him?

Do you want to show, instead of telling, your boyfriend that you love him? If so, this article may help!

What should you do if you're 17 and moving to Florida in a month and you just found out you're pregnant and should you tell your boyfriend?

17, Pregnant, & moving to Florida Talk your Mom & Dad...let them know what is going on. Then talk to the father of you child and if he is 17 like you, have you parents talk to with his. You may no... Read More »

Your boyfriend at the age of twelve got you pregnant when you where having sex with him but know he dosent love you any more what should you do?

AnswerThe first thing you need to do is to talk to someone you trust, whether it be a parent, a teacher an adult family friend, someone who will help you through this. After that or if you have no ... Read More »