What should I exspect at a dermatologist appointment?

Answer You should never worry about hiding anything from your doctor. They are professional people there to help you and they need to know everything. As for blood pressure they can do that without rollin... Read More »

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What should I expect at my eye test appointment tomorrow?

Its an optometrist usually its the person who owns the office you usually get things like checking for ovalness in the eye and if you need glasses usually they will check if your vision has changed... Read More »

What can i exspect as far as bass?

That depends on a great many things. Even if cubic feet are implied. If 2.21 is the result of plugging in all the right factors and doing the math, there will be bass. If 2.21 is the calculated vo... Read More »

Should I go to a dermatologist?

Dermatologist can find out problems on your scalp, plus if you have a clear decease for your hair. They will check your blood and try to find out if any change in your system influenced in thinnin... Read More »

Should I see a dermatologist?

Do you shave or otherwise deplilate your legs? I'm wondering about razor burn and dry skin, or a mild case of folliculitis. If they feel better after a thin application of something like mineral ... Read More »