What should I expect for strength training?

Answer The first 2 questions depend on the school. For weights he won't make everyone do the same weight because everyone is different. He'll probably make you max out to see how strong you are. maxing ou... Read More »

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Strength Training?

In today's society everyone obsesses about losing weight and eating more healthfully, but few realize the benefits of regular strength training. The Mayo Clinic, in the article "Strength Train: Get... Read More »

Navy UDT-SEAL Strength Training?

Since the commissioning of the first Navy SEAL (Sea, Air and Land) team in 1962, SEALs have been considered one of the elite special forces of the U.S. military. SEAL character and strength starts ... Read More »

How to Perform Strength Training for Gymnastics?

Gymnasts are known for their strength, grace, and flexibility. These are a few ways to increase those traits in yourself, whether or not you are a gymnast.

Can someone review my strength training diet plan for me?

"My question is, is this diet going to hinder my muscle building?"Since you're already seeing results, I wouldn't worry about it right now. If you start to see a plateau, you'll usually want to adj... Read More »