What should I expect for strength training?

Answer The first 2 questions depend on the school. For weights he won't make everyone do the same weight because everyone is different. He'll probably make you max out to see how strong you are. maxing ou... Read More »

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Max time for strength training should it be the same max time as doing cardio?

theres no max or minimum time. when you train, you have to consider the time it takes to unrack the weight, do the exercise, rest, and rerack the weight. dont train for a certain amount of time. tr... Read More »

What can you expect in Air Force Basic Training?

Answer"Sir, trainee [ insert surname here ] reports as ordered!" - the reporting statement is the first thing you take with you to training."All trainees are reminded to drink three non-carbonated,... Read More »

What to expect in Fort Jackson basic training?

The United States Army's Fort Jackson in South Carolina is the main location for Basic Combat Training (BCT), which is also known as boot camp. Approximately 50,000 civilians become soldiers each y... Read More »

Strength Training?

In today's society everyone obsesses about losing weight and eating more healthfully, but few realize the benefits of regular strength training. The Mayo Clinic, in the article "Strength Train: Get... Read More »