What should I eat for dinner Healthy yet quick Yumminess?

Answer Mix 1/2 can of tuna with 2 tablespoons mustard and 2 tablespoons sour cream. Add a dash of red cayenne pepper (or hot sauce) and any other seasonings you like (black pepper, salt, garlic powder, b... Read More »

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How to Make a Great, Quick, and Healthy Dinner?

Hustle! Hustle!We all know the feeling- you come home from work, turn around to take kid #1 to soccer, drop off kid #2 at a friend's house, and rush kid #3 home for a piano lesson while you go pick... Read More »

What are some quick and healthy dinner recipes without meat 10 points?

Beans and Rice with whatever veggeis you want mixed inwhole grain Pancakes with lots of fruits (I love breakfast for dinner)Premade veggie Lasagna- you can make ahead and freeze itPizza bites, ther... Read More »

What's easy and quick to fix for dinner?

Enchiladas1 pound pre-grated cheese.1 Can prepared Enchilada Sauce Red or Green1 One onion chopped1 Large can of Sliced Black Olives (If you want) 1 9x11 Cake pan (metal or glass)1 package of corn ... Read More »

Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas?

Sometimes, it can be nice to plan out your menu in advance and spend a lot of time preparing an extra-special dinner. Other times, especially on a hectic weeknight after a long work day, the only t... Read More »