What should I do my blood sugars are 6.5mmol in the morning,not a diabetic I'm 13 should I go to my gp?

Answer Dude, you don't have diabetes so just relax!

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What should be on air in a Morning TV show?

Haw many hrs should should one derserve to get morning aftar pill?

In my professional opinion, sterilization is the best answer. Or in your terms, yah neid to git tha overias tikan outta yo bodie.

Im hungry its the morning what should i make any ideas?

If you don't like sweet stuff in the morning (I know I don't), you can try breakfast pizza or soup. Biscuits are also great with butter, honey, or jam! If you are in a rush, protein bars can be y... Read More »

I find it hard getting up in the morning,what should I do?

put your alarm clock somewhere where its not near you bed so that way you have get up and walk to it so you have to turn it off.