What should I drink with my meals?

Answer That's a stupid question. Drink beer, bottle a whiskey, some scotche, wild turkey, some pig urin, and donkey semen, and some liver with some farba beans and a nice cianti, oh Yah and some horse pis... Read More »

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When on a diet, is it ok to drink a healthy shake with my meals?

As long as you're still creating a calorie deficit, you'll lose weight.

What should we have to drink with dinner?

That meal is just crying out for a big pitcher full of sweet iced tea with lemon. So what DID you serve to drink with it? :)

What should I eat for five healthy meals a day?

On One Hand: Nutrient-rich Foods"Fruits and vegetables should be part of every meal, and be your first choice for a snack---aim for a minimum of five portions each day," according to the article "H... Read More »

I'm going out for drinks with some manly men. What kind of drink should I order?

Have you ever drank a Gang Grape? It's Chardonnay, Grenadine, Vodka, Orange Juice with a half a cherry garnish.