What should I have to drink tonight?

Answer Try a bottle of Gallo White Grenache - looks like a Rose wine and is a lovely light drink. The only wine I have ever had where I can pinpoint an individual flavour - it tastes of Strawberries and ... Read More »

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I'm going out tonight ....what should i drink?

wh not try a litle something different tonite try a samual adams boston lager if you feel like beer or try a fantastic cocktail made with strawberry stolis and orange cream soda....I guarentee it w... Read More »

What brand of beer should i drink tonight?

Miller Lite -- it's the original low-carb beer, and it still tastes the best.

What should i get too drink tonight at the bar Im a 22 female any good ideas?

Pepsi. Then you can be the designated driver.

What alcohol should my friend drink tonight (no beer, no rum, no bourbon)?