What should I doWhy do I have lot of headache problem?

Answer Me thinks you have Less days Left to Live...LOLYou're about to Die ..

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I have a bad headache, earache, and throat hurts. What could it be What should i do?

It could be a virus infecting you, or you have allergies since its the spring.For your thoart i would suggest this simple home-made remedy. 1.) take 2 tsp of black seed(fennel flower seeds) and gri... Read More »

Do i just have a headache and should i see doctor?

Sounds like a tumor. You should see the doctor right away.

I have a headache everyday and im pregnant should i be worried?

you should talk to your doctor but they will most likely just tell you to take tylenol..i have the same problem.

I have bad gas and toot a lot, what should I do to solve this problem?