What should I do with my hair (picture included)?

Answer You're beautiful. I would keep the cut the same, maybe thin it out some, and then dye it a light blackAnswer mine please?;…

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What should i do to my hair .. picture of me included :)?

Your gorgeous!!!But if you need to change, some blonde highlights maybeand crop it just a little more

What color should i dye my hair (picture included)?

the color you have now suits you!but i think in order to make your eyes stand out && give you a less 'washed' our look a deep chocolate brown would look fantastic!!!! for your complexion you either... Read More »

How should I do my hair Picture included.?

I'd cut it shoulder length and have your stylist put some longer layers into it. Your hair right now looks like it has zero movement to it. Hair should have movement to it. It shouldn't just sit... Read More »

(Picture included) What can I do with my hair?

Ha just answered your last question!! I think I'm responsible for the length comment.... Try:Fishtail braidsLace braid into messy bunMessy bunFishtail braid into a bunCurly ponytailTry blow drying... Read More »