What should I do with my hair Help?

Answer Wow, that definitely is cool hair. I think you maybe should just get a streak in your hair, leaving your current color. A light pink streak would do fine, I think.

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What should i do for my hair Please help?

I think you should curl your bangs back! Either use a curling iron to curl them back, or use a straightener and twist it back!!

What color should I dye my hair PLEASE HELP!!?

Could you pleasee help me what should i do to my hair ?

u should totally gey sum choppy scene layers in ur hair & tease them up alittle cuz u definitally have the face structure for it trust me then also make ur ends very thin and skinny and u should al... Read More »

Help, my hair is so damaged what products should I use?

I'm like you and have searched literally FOREVER for the perfect hair care solution. I'm pretty sure I've discovered it just by using the right shampoo & conditioner from Bumble and Bumble. Your ha... Read More »