What should I do with dried black chickpeas?

Answer Interesting! I have never heard. Aside from what sounds like shorter cooking time, you can cook them and presumably use them in any chickpea, black bean, or any other bean recipe really...try them ... Read More »

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Substitutes for Dried Chickpeas?

Chickpeas are delicious legumes used in many Indian, Middle Eastern and Moroccan recipes. They are the principle ingredient in hummus, falafels and many soups. Also known as ceci and garbanzo beans... Read More »

Things to do with beans and chickpeas?

Do you prefer Indian? Those guys have lot of yum things made out of beans and chickpeas.Moreover visit this site which gives you hundreds of recipes using chickpeas. Read More »

What should i wear with a black dress?

Everything goes with black. See what you have in your closet. Maybe flats that are like red or leopard. Really depends on what you have in your closet. I don't know how you like to wear your hair b... Read More »

What should I use to clean my Matte Black guitar with?

There's actually nothing wrong with water on finished guitar surfaces. Just put it on the cloth, not the guitar, avoid getting it on unfinished wood surfaces, and dry it promptly.Guitar polish is ... Read More »