What should I do to get guardianship of 12 year old granddaughter?

Answer sign as a godmother or just go to court saying that the parents should have no right because of whatever your reason may might want to try to talk to the parents as well, try to get them int... Read More »

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You had guardianship of your granddaughter she went to live wiyh an aunt who now has guardianship but she wants to come back to live with you what do you have yo do?

Yes. There are females in all branches of the military...

What should you call your sister's granddaughter?

Your sister's daughter is your niece and her granddaughter is your great niece.

You want to adopt your 18 year old granddaughter?

My 18 year old granddaughter has lived with me all her life. We mutually want to go ahead with adoption, as she wants to have me and my late husband on her birth certificate. We live in West Virgin... Read More »

Can a 16 year old get guardianship over siblings?