How to Know what Girls Like in Middle School and Get Them to Like You?

Answer In middle school, it's stressful. There's homework and tests.... and socializing. Do you like a girl? Are you afraid to approach her? Do you not know what she likes? Well, you're about to find all ... Read More »

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I have both my nipples pierced, do men like this or freak them out?

It really just depends on the guy! If you like them, then that's what matters! You can't worry about whether a guy likes them. If you're thinking of someone in particular, it can be fun to see his... Read More »

Do they make cameras that have both film and digital in them, like all in one camera?

Hasselblad and Mamiya are 120/220 roll film cameras that you can buy a digital back for. Very expensive.You will probably be better off with a current DSLR from Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Fuji, Sigma, ... Read More »

What may cause severe knifelike pain in right hemisphere of head that feels like a stroke stops after a minute or so and leaves a residual flu-like feeling and headache on right side for days after?

There is something called "ice pick migraines" which feel very much like someone has literally jammed an ice pick through your head. They last fewer than 5 minutes (mine last for less than 30 secon... Read More »

What should my saffron plants look like right now?

Saffron are related to crocus and are a fall flowering crocus as I understand it. Bulb plants in general have a season and then they must go dormant. It sounds as if you forced them to stay a pla... Read More »