What should I do if my dog eats rat poison?

Answer Dogs are naturally curious and love to nibble on everything they find. They become very sick and die when they ingest rat poison or even the the corpse of a poisoned rodent. Poisoning symptoms oft... Read More »

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What should you do if your dog eats rat poison?

You do everything you can to make sure your dog has a safe environment to live and play in. In spite all efforts, you find that she has somehow ingested rat poison. Saving her requires quick action... Read More »

What to do if child eats d-con rat poison?

Get him medical aid immediately . Call 911 or the emergency line for your area for help They can tell you what to do until help arrives. Also, find poison hotline on the box of D-Con.See the link b... Read More »

What should i say if a dog eats me?

What should you do if your child just ate silica gel and the Poison Help Center doesn't answer the phone?

Take him to the emergency room right away and STAY CALM. Make sure you keep an eye on anything weird with your child.If the poison control is not answering the phone, then take your child immediate... Read More »