What should I do if my contact lenses fall in my toilet?

Answer Do not reuse them. Disinfection is not guaranteed to eliminate 100% of lavatory bacteria. Your urine isn't the worst thing it came in contact with.

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Can contact lenses fall behind your eyeball?

NO. . Absolutely NOT.There is no opening for the contact to reach the back of the eye. The biggest problem that contact wearers face is getting the contact lens up under their eyelid,not being ab... Read More »

I Am 13 Years Old Should I Get Contact Lenses?

I am not sure which optician to recommend to you as I have only ever been to my local one. You should definitely try them though. Your optician will probably be able to let you have a trial of them... Read More »

How should I clean disposable Contact Lenses?

Wash your hands and take one contact out at a time (just to make it easier). Put one or two drops of solution on each side and gently rub the lens. Then quickly rinse it with more solution. Place t... Read More »

Should I wear contact lenses to the amusement park?

Good question. I would ask my eye doctor if I was going to ask anybody!