What should I do if my boyfriend wants sex in the middle of the night?

Answer If your up for it, go for it! If you don't want to, than tell him your to tired. If he is really worth his stuff, than he will be fine with that and will ask you some other time. :-)

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Boyfriend wants to take a year long motorcycle trip, he wants me to go. Should I How?

Do it! Find a way to make it work financially.It will set you back a year or two, but at 22 or 23yrs old most people are still at square one with their careers, and most don't have the stories of ... Read More »

Sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night to find my boyfriend getting it on with me?

What should you do if your boyfriend wants you to have a baby boy not a baby girl?

There's not really anything that you CAN do to make him happy in that situation. You can hope for a baby boy, but at the same time, the father of the child should be equally supportive and loving r... Read More »

Your boyfriend wants to give your baby up for adoption but you want to keep it what should you do?

Yes, if there is no father's name or signature on the birth certificate everything should be fine. If there is, you would have to get that person on the birth certificate, whether father or not, to... Read More »