What should I do if im only 17 and your mom will disown you if you tell her im pregnant and have no famliy to go to?

Answer Answer Mothers always say that they would this and would that if you get pregnant.BUT honsstly she loves you more than you know the news wil shock her but she wil help you through this

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Can you get lung cancer from one of your famliy members that smokes and you dont?

Secondhand smoke can increase your risk for lung cancer, yes, but as long as you stay away from his cigarette smoke your risk will not be elevated.

How to Disown Your Family?

Destructive, dysfunctional relationships can hold us back in life and keep us from following our dreams or fulfilling our destiny.

Can a child disown himself?

Can a child in Pa. emansapate herself at the age of 17?

Can you legally disown siblings?

Answer Well, you'd have to go around the world to ask that one, but actually, you can't. Unless someone tells you, "Congratulations! You are allowed to legally disown your sibling!!!" That would b... Read More »