What should you pack for a girl teen who is having an extra rib removed?

Answer Condoms?

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If a boy's mother got divorced 7 years ago and remarried and the boy is having emotional problems because of it what should he do?

Answer go to a psychiatrist! a few sessions will make a huge difference, they did on me! Answer He should talk to his mother and tell her how he feels.The best Answer Hi, There are many steps to ta... Read More »

I really need to make a phone call to set things right but I am having problems making it. What should I do?

Compose yourself D. Take a deep breath and do it. Thelonger you dwell on it the harder it will be to do.

What should a 13 year old girl do if she is pregnant with twins and is having contractions at 7 months?

Answer Call an ambulance and go ditrectly to the hospital.Unfortunately this answer is likely to be too late.

I am having problems getting to sleep, should i....?

it sounds to me more like anxiety than sleeplessness. at the very least you should get off the computer, [don't get crazed on me now]...because typing here keeps your brain active, when what you ne... Read More »