What should I do if I'm constantly dizzy?

Answer You should see a doctor you might be dehydrated. And trust me from experience it's not a fun situation to black out and be dehydrated and be rush to the hospital. I hope you'll be OK.

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Constantly always feeling dizzy and nauseous?

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Help! For the past two weeks or so, I have been feeling constantly dizzy?

I'm no expert, but isn't pins and needles and dizziness symptoms of heart trouble?

Everytime we get my step kids they are infested with lice. what should i do i am constantly treating them?

I would definitely tell CPS your concerns. You could tell the mom that if the kids have bugs in their hair anymore you're going to report her. Or just call CPS.

Neighboring cats constantly spray in my yard, what should I do My whole yard reaks of cat pee!?

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