What Should I Do if I Think My Boyfriend Is Cheating?

Answer Infidelity is a serious thing that can destroy a relationship. However, the suspicion of infidelity can sometimes do just as much damage as the actual cheating. Handling the situation properly is k... Read More »

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My girlfriend is like breathing hard i think she might be having a panic attack what should i do?

when you're having a panic attack your chest tightens and it feels like you can't breath...try to calm her down...has she experienced any numbing in her hands or face?? if so she is having an anxi... Read More »

What to put on facebook status, after finishing a cheating girlfriend?

Don't mention the cheating business ... yet, but you can put something like:Ive looked at love from both sides nowFrom give and take, and still somehowIts loves illusions I recallI really dont know... Read More »

How can I find out if my girlfriend is cheating on me while I'm at work like a camcorder spy cam or what?

If you don't trust her enough to leave her home alone, leave her.

What should you do if you are a 14-year-old guy and you think your 14-year-old girlfriend is pregnant?

Answer You are both very young and obviously immature regarding sex or you would have known to use condoms at least. First, take her to a good doctor and have her tested to be sure she is pregnant ... Read More »