Just poked my gf's friend by mistake on facebook- I think. Should I own up to the friend or....?

Answer If you feel this guilty about it that you are willing to get input from strangers, then you should probably own up, especially if it was just a mistake. I'm sure she'll understand, mistakes happen ... Read More »

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My friend likes my brother who already has a girlfriend and one day she came to my house and kissed him and she lied about it and i found out threw my best friend what should i do?

Leave her. If she really cared about your friendship, she wouldn't have done something like that could potentially ruin it.

My friend just fell off of my roof and she broke her leg and I think she is delirious. What should I do?

She could have a concussion like the actors wife Liam Neelson. A hospital is in order for sure. Use your Ipod to text someone you know. I hope you are playing with us. Good luck my friend. >

Do u think i should let my friend wax my eyebrows?

yes you should wax your eyebrows. no you should not let you're friend do it.

Well i had a best friend and we got 2 close. we are not friends anymore. what should i do?

Disconnect from her. She isn't healthy to be around. Some people are like a fungus and grow from the damp rank odors of drama and hurt feelings.Please don't make yourself a victim of stupidity and ... Read More »