Someone said i looked like a barbie doll...should i take that as a compliment or insult?

Answer Who can honestly say unless they know them or can read their thoughts. I do not compare women or females to toys. The name Barbie that holds no bad meaning for me. Parents have named their daugh... Read More »

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Can someone help me I need some info on why or why not Herbal Supplements should be tested like normal drugs?

Individual herbs are generally known in terms of toxicity, so any combination of them should be relatively safe. The problem with FDA "testing" is the the FDA doesn't actually do any testing. They ... Read More »

What should you do if your girlfriend is pregnant and you would like to keep it but you are not married yet and you would like to marry her and what should you do about insurance?

Answer You should have thought about the insurance before you got her pregnant. You'll have to apply for it. I do believe there is also Blue Cross which is extended medical. Do your homework on th... Read More »

Can someone die of like just pure pain or something like without any bleeding or uh stuff like that?

What if you like someone but they don't like you?