Is it bad to turn on an electronic device after it's been submerged in water?

Answer It can cause further damage, but maybe it didn't. You want to make sure it's dried out before turning it back on again :) Oh yeh I just read the stupidly bit. Still sounds like it's working? Lucky ... Read More »

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What electronic device needs to be invented?

What electronic device or gadget would you miss the most?

jj - lookin HOT!!!!!My blow up doll is a gadget right? Well just in case that isn't consider an "acceptable" answer I will have to say my Direct TV & the internet..if I had no more Direct TV (the b... Read More »

If you could add one device or electronic feature to your baby, what would it be?

A translation system for those times that I can't quite figure out just what it is that he wants. And it would definitely have to have a robot voice: "I. Would. Like. A. Drink. Please. Mommy. Ha.... Read More »

What electronic device allows you to watch movies and play video games?

A Playstation 2, and 3 :) ♦♥♣♠