What should I do for my 5 months old baby's constipation?

Answer If you baby is ill you should take it to see a qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor) as soon as possible for a diagnosis and treatment. Do NOT seek advice on the internet, TAKE him/her to a Doc... Read More »

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So I'm 3 months pregnant, how should I break the news to my husband whom I haven't had sex with in 6 months?

My advice?? Send him a text message...from New Zealand!!

What should be the normal limit for preventive coverage so that a babys first year vaccinations are covered by insurance?

AnswerIn the first year of life, an infant receives the majority of their vaccinations. Most insurances include this in preventative care. The office I work in sees infants for preventative care at... Read More »

Should you crack a babys toes?

No, you should not purposely crack a baby's toes.

Is it ok to put a hot wet rag on my babys ear infection or should i use dry heat?

Do not use any heat as the babys ears are very sensitive.