What should I do differently with my makeup?

Answer Get a lighter pinkish lipstick. I love red lipstick more than anyone but sometimes it's nice to wear a little pink and let your girly side out

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Should I dress differently for school?

I HATED the girls that rolled out of bed and into class in jamies. Dress how you want to dress, there is nothing wrong with not wanting to be a slob. Studies have shown that the more confident yo... Read More »

I have an Interview with MAC makeup what should I say ?

they wont ask you that they will ask you what do you know about the mac brand name itself meaning who made mac and what you do about it have to know who frist made it you got two know the back two... Read More »

What should I do with my makeup/ friends opinions?

Just do you and i watched that tutorial just now and it was realy heavy makeup so maybe u could just do a little lighter? but its realy how u want to do it so yea like i do eyeliner on the top lid... Read More »

What Makeup Should I Wear With a Raspberry Dress?

Bright colors, such as raspberry, turn an ordinary dress stunning. The colors and style of your makeup lets you highlight the vibrant raspberry coloring, creating a harmonious ensemble from head to... Read More »