My friend likes my brother who already has a girlfriend and one day she came to my house and kissed him and she lied about it and i found out threw my best friend what should i do?

Answer Leave her. If she really cared about your friendship, she wouldn't have done something like that could potentially ruin it.

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A friend who is a girl. Her mother hates her idk what to do about this. what should i tell her?

Blood sisters are friends who want to be sisters so they cut them self and hold hands for 10 seconds and your blood sisters PS sisters

What should you do when your best friend gets the iPhone 3g s and starts bragging about it?

Ask them to stop in a mature way. If it keeps on happening you arent true friends.

I want to complain about my friend to wikipedia. should i?

You have to turn him in. While Wikipedia is not the best information resource available a lot of people do rely on Wikipedia for information, and it is the community's duty to patrol the site.Delib... Read More »

I have a friend she loves money and she is really mean to her parents she always yells at them and she still gets what she wants what should i do about that?

There is nothing you can do to change her behavior towards her parents. They are encouraging her behavior by giving into evertything she wants. If you wanted you could explain to your friend how yo... Read More »