What should I do about a cavity?

Answer It wouldn't hurt to let the dentist to check it out. If you let it go you will have more trouble!

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If you have a small cavity in a baby tooth that still has roots on it should you fill the cavity or pull the tooth?

The best thing would be to have a filling put in the tooth. But if the tooth is going to fall out soon, the dentist may recommend pulling it instead. Have it looked at by a dentist and then do what... Read More »

WHat does a cavity look like?

It definitely sounds like cavities to me. There is nothing that can help a cavity "go away". You have to go to a dentist and have him drill the decay out and then fill the tooth. Just go tell them ... Read More »

How to Know if You Have a Cavity?

Cavities, or dental carries, are decayed areas of your tooth that turn into small holes. The reports that cavities are one of the most common oral health problems faced around the wo... Read More »

How does a cavity look like?

One question is what makes you think that you have a cavity (caries)? Cavities can differ greatly in size, from tiny pin point holes in the grooves of the teeth to giant gaping holes that trap foo... Read More »