What should I do a bout a cigarette burn?

Answer 1) quit smoking or stay away from those who do.2) leave them be for a day and then put some Neosporin on them.I wish you well.

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Cigarette burn?

No, I can't give you advice on how to make the pain go away, but I can give you a few wise words of advice. I've had a solid nickel sized scar on my left forearm for 10 years from being an idiot d... Read More »

How can i get rid off a cigarette burn in my carpet?

As long as the size of the damage done is not extensive, you may try this trick:First step:sing a razor-knife to cut away and remove the burned fibers, cutting them down to the base.Step 2: Snip or... Read More »

Cigarette burn on finger?

How to Repair a Cigarette Burn in a Car?

Health hazards aren't the only problems with cigarettes; dropping one inside of a car usually results in a burned car seat. The cigarette burn in the car seat is is more than just unsightly because... Read More »