My DENTIST kissed me, "What should I do"?

Answer You should give him a "slap" to his face!You should stop seeing this dentist. Change your dentist.

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What is white gel type paste appearing on my burn wound on my stomach.its more than 9 days of my wound?

If it is spontaneously appearing, it is probably pus. Is the wound site red and tender to the touch? Does the wound look "full" like it has something underneath it?If so, it is likely infection.

Should I aplly neosporin or vaslien or should I leave my wound alone and will it heal?

An itch sensation means it's healing. I'm 14 too, and let me assure you, you'll be just fine. I would rub some witch hazel on it every night, or neosporin. Oh, and uh, keep sharp objects away from ... Read More »

In what position should you place a casualty who has an abdominal wound?

A patient who has an abdominal injury should be placed in a sitting position with his knees bent and his legs drawn close to the body. This position is applied so that less strain is exerted on the... Read More »

What should I put on a large wound in a big maple tree to keep the insects and disease out of it?

Ed , please explain why we should not use a wound dressing (?) Because that is what I would do . Seems to me it would be vary important to seal this kind of damage . Ed , thanks for answerin... Read More »