What should I cook at my aunts house ?

Answer On an outdoor grill, cook ribs or steaks or salmon (or any combination) or make kabobs with steak and shrimp (yummy!) and fresh corn on the cob along with potato or pasta salad or coleslaw or deli ... Read More »

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What should I cook for 20 people at a formal dinner at my house?

Shrimp CocktailButternut Squash SoupPrime Rib with roasted root vegetablesSalad with a light vinaigretteCheese Tray with fresh fruitChocolate TorteCoffee, Brandy, Frangelico

What relationship is your son to your aunts grandson?

Your son and your aunt's child are first cousins, so your son and your aunts grandson (the son of your aunt's child) are first cousins, once removed.

Do aunts have rights to see their nephews?

I need help because my sisters wants visitations right after i moved out of the house and they takeing me to court this is going on for 1 1/2 my son is 12 years and i have full custody of him the m... Read More »

Please help save my aunts life!!!?

The National Cancer Institute has cutting edge information that has been able to increase the average (all cancers) long term survival rates overall by 50%. This does not insure survival but gives ... Read More »