What should I clean my LCD monitor screen with?

Answer I wouldn''ll leave lint behind on your screen. Get a micro-fibre cloth, usually available at any auto parts store. They leave behind no lint and are very soft and won't scratch your screen.

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What should i use to clean my lcd monitor screen, as i have a few finger prints and dont want to damage it?

There are special sprays and wipes you can use. Your local computer store should sell these. Do not use soaps, alcohol, or anything else.

Just bought an LCD monitor, what is the best thing to clean the screen with?

I used to work at The Good Guys service center. Do not under any circumstance use anything like Windex, or any other type of window cleaner. it will get rip off the anti-glare on the screen.remembe... Read More »

Is it safe to clean the monitor screen of my laptop with a galss cleaner?

NO, under no circumstance clean a LCD screen with a glass cleanerunless you want to ruin it. They contain ammonia and if it gets between the bonded plastic sheets that support the pixel screen you ... Read More »

What should i clean my laptop screen with?

a damp towel. Make sure its not soaking wet.