What should I change about my body (pics)?

Answer I don't think you should change anything . But, at the end of the day its up to you. No one will care about you as much as you love your self.

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Is my body attractive (pics)?

You have a good body and a great butt ;) And overall I think you are cute and shouldn't be self-conscious about your looks :) You look fine!

I Want My Friend's Body!! [[*PICS*]]?

It looks mainly genetic from that picture, shes just very slim. I suppose if you wanted to go that slim its just a matter of a weight loss diet, cut a little bit out of your diet and exercise for 4... Read More »

Hey y'all. I need to have someone check my body out. (with pics)?

Muscle mass will make it less visible. I don't think ugliness describes you well, a lot of people would disagree with you on that. I would suggest that if you built up your pectoral (peck) muscles ... Read More »

Guys/Girls Which Body (PICS)?

The far right, geez shes not een fat. look at her tummy its flat! he is just thinker and has wider hips. Curves rock and theres just a little more to love! xx~ Jodi