What should I change about my body (pics)?

Answer I don't think you should change anything . But, at the end of the day its up to you. No one will care about you as much as you love your self.

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What would you change about me (pics)?

I would change your desire to be validated by other people in the way you look into a desire to be happy to be yourself even if you got in an accident that ruined your looks.

Should I change anything (pics)?

Your cute hun, and trust me when i say i tell the truth. working out to develop and tone more of a figure wouldn't hurt but your no where near fat.k hope this helped love

Should i change my look (pics)?

You are beautiful as you are. You shouldn't be so caught up with your looks though. Any decent guy looks for more than just a pretty face. But if you only want shallow jerks, go ahead and do anythi... Read More »

What should i do about my body?

hmm why don't you weight train and do cardio? cardio will help lose some fat but not a lot. And sometimes taking a good break from weight training is good. When you start again, you build muscle ea... Read More »