What should I be labeling my burned CD/DVDs with?

Answer I use sharpies, and so do most people. as long as you are labeling on the label side of course :)Now, if you want to get all "professional like" you can get a light scribe dvd burner. these are fun... Read More »

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I burned my hand with hot water and I had this big blister and the skin came off, now what should I do?

Since you have had a blister and it has burst you need medical attention due to the fact that you hand has swollen up its sounds like you might have an infection which you may very well need antibo... Read More »

What are some of the advantages of labeling a child with special needs?

In today's society, labeling often provides for status. To be affected by a socially acceptable malady one gains better recognition and peer group social standing.Sick Of PC

I burned myself, what should I do?

EGG WHITES raw applied to the skin do not wash off.... will be healed by morning .....

Burned myself what should I do?

Don't be woried, I bake and burn myself all of the time. Even if the burn does not hurt it would be good if you ringed it with cold water once and awhile. If its bubbly it may blister. Hope I helpe... Read More »