What should I barbecue for a vegan?

Answer What I normally do is to place a sheet of aluminium foil (if you're in the US, you'll probably have to settle for aluminum foil - it'll probably do the same job as aluminium foil though) on the gri... Read More »

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I'm having Bigfoot over this weekend for a barbecue....what should I serve....?

I've watched that big guy eating out here in the bush,maybe I could send you the black bear carcass he buried to eat next week,like "muc tuc".

Should you boil chicken before you barbecue it?

On One Hand: Salmonella Is a Rsk.Because undercooked chicken can give somebody a rather nasty strain of food poisoning called salmonella, it's important to make certain it's well-cooked. Boiling ch... Read More »

Should I go vegan, what do you think?

The strongest links of any product and its cause for cancer is dairy with prostate cancer and red meat with colon cancer. Not to mention there are many easy to get alternatives that taste much bet... Read More »

I want do become vegan what should I eat?

First off, I like you. Your concern for animals makes me smile :) And it's awesome to see someone so young caring about where their food comes from!For milk, choose soy milk, almond milk, rice mi... Read More »