What shoud you do first brush or listerine?

Answer Brush then Listerine.

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Do you brush your teeth first or have breakfast first?

Breakfast first, then clean your teeth after.

What was the first paint brush color on Neopets?

In 2000, paintbrushes were introduced to the online game Neopets. The first color released was the purple paintbrush. Other colors were quickly added. The paintbrushes were used to make Neopets mor... Read More »

Mouthwash first or brush teeth first?

well think about the function of both of them.i would brush before you restaurants you get the food and the big stuff of in the soapy water (brushing) and then you make sure the germs ... Read More »

At what age shoud a kid have a cell phone?

I think a cell phone is a great way for a child to learn about responsibility. I personally will get one for my children whenever they start going to activities and doing things such as sports, les... Read More »