What shots at the doctors would i need?

Answer These are some of the vaccinations you might get at 14 years old, but it depends on which ones you've had already. Hepatitis B Chickenpox (only if you haven't had chickenpox already) Huma... Read More »

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Why do doctors give you flu shots?

Because when you get a certain type of flu shot i helps your body recognize it in a small dose so your antibodies are able to fight off the virus thus leaving your immune system strong against that... Read More »

If you bought an iPhone can you put your vodafone sim card in would you need to amend contract so include unlimited internet what would you need to do?

I have worked in telecoms for over 12 years (now moved out of it) and have had loads of different phones, literally 10 per month sometimes!but i have never had a phone as good as the new iPhone 3GS... Read More »

What would doctors do in eye exam?

They would examin your your to see how well you see, check the pressure of your eye, dialate your eye to look into the back of your eye to see how healthy it is.

What would you do if the doctors doesn't contact you?

find another doctor. You are the patient and you need the results to make a proper decision in your health care.