What ship did Ferdinand Magellan sail on?

Answer When Ferdinand Magellan conducted his famous first circumnavigation of the globe, he set sail with five Spanish ships from King Charlies: the Trinidad, the San Antonio, the Concepcion, the Victoria... Read More »

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What countries did Ferdinand Magellan sail for?

Ferdinand Magellan was born in Portugal in 1480. He sailed under his native country's flag for 12 years before he took his services to Spain. It is his one major voyage for Spain for which Magellan... Read More »

What did Ferdinand Magellan accomplish?

Ferdinand Magellan is known for leading the first expedition to circumnavigate the globe between 1519 and 1522. While Magellan did not survive the voyage--he was killed in 1521 in what is now the P... Read More »

What was Ferdinand Magellan famous for?

Ferdinand Magellan was a Spanish sailor in search of the western route to the Spice Islands, a group of islands near the Philippines. Magellan and a fleet of five ships began their journey in 1519.... Read More »

What was the real name of Ferdinand Magellan?

Ferdinand Magellan's real name was Fernao de Magalhaes. The explorer was born around 1480 in the province of Tras-os-Montes in Portugal. Magellan's parents died when he was 10, and he became a page... Read More »