What shape is a bagel that is cut into two links of a chain?

Answer If this is for the University of Pretoria treasure hunt, the answer is mobius

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How to Remove Chain Links Without a Chain Breaker Tool?

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Bagel with Butter Bagel with Cream Cheese Bagel with Jelly Or Bagel with Lox Which do you like better?

bagel with cream cheese and jelly.. yummy!!!

Everything Bagel Raisin Bagel Poppy Seed Bagel Or Onion Bagel Which do you like better?

mmmmmmmm...they all sound good....toasted...even better...let's do lunch...okay Mr. SA! ....maybe we can share ....i like the onion one with cheddar cheese melted! :))) for lunch! ((((hugs))))

How many driver links in 100 feet of chain saw chain?

The number of drive links in a chain saw chain depends on the chain's thickness (pitch). Different 100-foot reels of chain have different numbers of drive links, depending on the pitch. A 3/8-inch ... Read More »