What shape eyes do i have?

Answer Almond shape. Btw you ayelashes are long and pretty!

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Do you think she has nice eyes How can I change the shape of my eyes (pics)?

You need a black eye liner. The trick is to focus peoples attention to the outer area of your eyes. Notice how in both pictures, the area closer to the nose in both eyes is barly touched. Start out... Read More »

What shape are these eyes(pics)?

What shape are pit viper eyes?

The pit viper family, which consists of rattlesnakes, copperheads, fer-de-lance, bushmasters and water moccasins, has elliptical pupils, much like a cat. The snakes have pits, that look like nostr... Read More »

What is the shape of my eyes PICTURES?

Your eyes look a bit hooded. And yes your eyes are perfectly fine :)