What shall I do with my spare CDs?

Answer Something artsy... I would suggest some sort of collage maybe?? or possibly breaking them up into pieces (sizes of your choice) and making stepping stones with them... poor cement and place the bro... Read More »

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What shall I cook on Come Dine With Me¿?

Your 14. How are you appearing on come dine with me? Lol..

There's a hole in my bucket, with what shall I fix it?

Ha! Who knew so many people wouldn't "get it"??You should have asked dear Liza.

What should I do with the spare room in my new house?

Well there are many things you can do with a spare room! What are some things that you like? A game room? Do you have children, maybe make a play room for them. Are you a artsy person, you could ma... Read More »

Got problem with the blue ink of my printer what shall i do..plz help me.?

If it's an epson printer, this might help…The built in head cleaning function often fails. This $7 kit works most of the time on Epson, Canon and brother ... Read More »