What shall I do with my broken and unfixable non digital SLR camera?

Answer Put a free ad online. Maybe someone can use it for parts.

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Is there anyway to fix a digital camera that has its screen broken?

Take it to a camera shop, or you might have to send it back to the manufacturer. If it's a cheap camera just buy another one.

How do i get pictures off a broken digital camera.?

Contact the manufacturer. They may be able to remove them for you. You might also try, as has been suggested, taking the camera to a local electronics store where they may have the tools to get t... Read More »

Broken lens on digital camera?

If it is not a removable lens, trash it and buy a new camera. It will cost more than the price of a decent replacement to fix it.The above refers to actual cracking or scratches on the lens itself.... Read More »

Can a digital camera be broken from cold weather?

Yes, cold weather can damage or break a camera. In cold weather, place your camera in a plastic bag and keep it near your body. Keep moisture away from your camera, since it will cause damage. Afte... Read More »