What settles the nervous butterflies in your belly when you are not at ease?

Answer gum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

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What can i use so that my body is more relaxed and at ease and not have nervous tendencies?

How Much Do Executors Get After a Probate Settles?

The compensation for an executor will vary based on the size of the estate and the applicable state laws. In most instances, an executor is given a small percentage of the estate for his duties, ge... Read More »

Who knows some good vegetarian food that settles the crave for meat?

When I'm craving meat I get some Primal Strips jerky. I never liked beef jerky (because it was too tough) but Primal strips are perfect!I also go for Gardenburger Ribs!If I feel like chicken I get... Read More »

Are you pregnant with two missed periods and no such other symptoms but a very much bloated upper belly with lower belly remains in same size?

you could but also could not it could be a stress problem interfering