What settings should I be able to run Skyrim at?

Answer That seems about right, the Pentium would bottleneck that card. but even if the graphics card wasn't bottlenecked it still wouldn't run great. Also skyrim is a cpu dependent game so it wouldn't run... Read More »

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Would this Alienware X51 run Skyrim/Battlefield 3 What settings would it allow?

well this can not only run skyrim and battlefield but can easily max out any games on the market right now, you've got all ready for gaming i7 + 16gb ram + 660gtx is more than enough right now.....

Would these specs run skyrim/bf3 high settings good?

It should just be able to run it. I have a computer similar to that and it runs most games to a very high quality so you should be fine.

Best graphics card for my computer to play Skyrim on ultra high settings smoothly?

Get an HD 6850 or GTX 460 if you're using a resolution of 1600x900 or less. Get an HD 6950 or GTX 560 Ti if you're using a 1080p monitor, though an HD 6870 or a GTX 560 should be fine too. Just mak... Read More »

I'm looking for Good settings to shoot sunsets and silhouettes I use a nikon d3000 Anyone have any tips or remember what there settings where while shooting. THank you all very much?

Unless you've dropped it, the noise is most probably the image sensor cleaning itself. If you look into the front of the camera when there is no lense attached, you'll see a small rectangle set at ... Read More »