What services are paid for by a condominium assessment?

Answer The condominium assessment established by the developer or by the board of directors covers payment for services and maintenance of the property owned in common by all unit owners of the condominiu... Read More »

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Student Services Assessment Problems Within Community Colleges?

Community colleges can be a good way to figure out what you want your major to be, or to save money. While the general education classes for lower classmen should be the same as if you were to take... Read More »

What happens when a lien on a condominium is not paid and then it is taken to court?

Real Property Liens A lien encumbers the named property until it is paid or satisfied.In most cases the property cannot be transferred, sold or refinanced unless an agreement is reached with the li... Read More »

Can you deduct interest paid to your parents for a downpayment for a condominium?

Yes IF the loan is really a legal mortgage loan that meets the IRS rules for it to be a mortgage loan.This is possible when you and they meet the enclosed rules. Generally, home mortgage interest ... Read More »

Can a homeowner in a condominium association be the paid property manager?

Overall, this is probably not a good idea. Read your governing documents to determine whether or not this practice is allowed. (It is generally forbidden if the owner is also a board member.)Next,... Read More »