What service is the best, fastest& most reliable for a satellite Internet access?

Answer On One Hand: Fastest SpeedsHughesNet has the fastest satellite Internet plan on the market, reports the High Speed Internet Access Guide. They company provides many plan options, and the fastest ha... Read More »

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Most secure and reliable web hosting one?

I use HostGator - http://www.hostgator25.comI've been with them a long time now, hosting about 20 different websites with no downtime yet. Their support is the best I've had from shared hosting so ... Read More »

How reliable is it to access the web through VPN if my internet connection is down?

No, you need to fix the internet connection

What's the best and most secure (and free) e-mail service on the internet ?

I like using gmail because of this as well. As far as blocking spam it does a great job. Since I've switched my POP3 email account to being handled by gmail, I've had much less of a headache to dea... Read More »

Which cell phone service has the fastest Internet service?

On One Hand: AT&T Brags About Fastest ServiceIn television commercials and on its official website, mobile carrier AT&T advertises that it offers the "Nation's Fastest 3G Network." The carrier even... Read More »