Is the grocery store liable if a grocery cart in their parking lot hits your car?

Answer Answer No.

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Moms, what is the funniest, yet most embarrassing thing your little ones have said in a grocery store?

My 4 year old is coming out with things almost every day. She ran into a little indian girl, who was wearing a pink shirt and had on a purple backpack. Nina ran up to her and gave her a huge hug an... Read More »

When you go to the grocery store what do you buy?

The main things I buy are:- Milk- Orange Juice- Eggs- Cheese- Bread- Some kind of Fruits- Some Kind of Veggies- Breakfast cereal- A piece of Meat- Rice- Can Foods- Chicken nuggets- Hot... Read More »

What is a department clerk in a grocery store?

A department clerk in a grocery store is an employee who receives merchandise and stocks shelves within a specific department. As of May 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics listed a national medi... Read More »

IF I gave you 20 dollars what would you buy at the grocery store?