Why was spike brought back in s1 of angel when in Buffy he was still alive until season 7 i was told that angel season 1 was around about Buffy season 4 so he is in season 4 of Buffy alive?

Answer Spike made an appearance in season 1 of Angel, attempting to obtain a magical artifact that would make him invulnerable; this story line is a crossover from Buffy season 4 where Spike is very much ... Read More »

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What is the name of the song that Jackie listens to on the ear bud at the start of an episode in season 1 in That 70's Show?

Is it true that kyle xy's third season is going to be their final season?

i dunno but if you people can watch please you can get the show ratings up so that it stays even after season 3 please spread the word. i living in India halfway cross the world absolutely love the... Read More »

According to a commercial I saw Buffy was supposed to end after season 4 does anyone know what happened that it got renewed not that I'm not happy about it but still?

Buffy continued for a total of 7 seasons on screen. The first 5 seasons were on the WB network; season 6 and 7 on UPN. Seasons 8 and 9 have continued in graphic novel form, and are considered canon... Read More »

Is season 6 the last season or will that be a 7?

don,t worry about Family Guy being cancelled (again). Seth Macfarlane signed a deal with FOX in late 2008 or early 2009 that will keep Family Guy on the air until 2011 or so.