What search engine do you think has been more successful - Google, Yahoo or Bing?

Answer Google by far overall. Excellent spam control, good filters for abuse, relevant results.Yahoo, well its really big and popular in Japan, so over there Yahoo is king.And well Bing, never been a fan... Read More »

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What exactly is bing I know its a search engine but why is it been all-over tv Google dosent do it.?

It's a search engine. That's all it is. The reason it has so many commercials on TV is because Google literally dominates the search engine market. The only way Microsoft could possibly get a piece... Read More »

Do you use Yahoo! or Google more as a search engine?

Which is a more popular search engine Yahoo or Google?

I would like to have google or bing search bars in addition to yahoo search bar. Is it possible!?

yes it is possible..go with google..called google chrome,it is easy to get