What sea lies between Australia& New Zealand?

Answer Australia and New Zealand are separated by the Tasman Sea. It is a southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, with straits connecting it to the south Pacific and the Indian Ocean, according to the Bri... Read More »

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What sea lies between New Zealand& Australia?

The body of water located between Australia and New Zealand is called the Tasman Sea, named after the explorer Abel Tasman. While employed by Dutch East India Trading Company, he explored the entir... Read More »

What sea is found between new zealand&australia?

The Tasman Sea lies between the southeastern coast of Australia and the western coast of New Zealand. The size of the Tasman Sea is 2,000km from east to west, and 2,800km from north to south.Source... Read More »

What is the stretch of water between Australia and New Zealand called?

The stretch of water located in between Australia and New Zealand is called the Tasman Sea. This segment of water is part of the South Pacific Ocean. The Tasman Sea is named after Abel Janszoon Tas... Read More »

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